About Us

AmeriBag Outdoors
AmeriBag is an established manufacturer since 1987 and continues the success of brands over 100 years old. Today AmeriBag Outdoors, is proud to design and distribute reliable product for competitive prices and serve all of your outdoor activities, exploration and adventure through the CampInn, HideAway and Waypoint Brands.

With a long history, nearly 100 years, CampInn has supplied gear for campers, hikers and all outdoor enthusiasts. We always offer quality products at competitive prices. 

For over a decade, HideAway Brand Outdoor Products have satisfied the most avid outdoorsmen. No corners are cut and no trends are overlooked with the HideAway Brand. All materials are top quality and our manufacturing workmanship is second to none, all while maintaining the most competitive pricing on the market. 

Waypoint is a brand dedicated to getting you where you go without worry. Weather condiditons can be a challenge from rain, sleet, snow the splash of the rapids or the ocean spray of sailing. Waypoint offers the latest technology in materials coupled with state-of-the-art assembly process to ensure all your items stay just as they were packed...dry and servicable!
So bring it on Mother Nature, we can handle it!